Sekerbank Tablet App

This banking app was created for the graphical interfaces course of my master. Our group worked on the concept and wireframes together. Later everybody worked on a visual design individually.

In this project of the Graphical Interfaces course we should design an online banking tablet app for the Sekerbank. The resolution 1024x768 (4:3) was part of the brief. We worked in a group of four to work on the concept and layout as well as create sketches and wireframes. Then a first mockup of the design was created. For the second phase we got feedback for our group work and did a redesign individually. I kept the layout but made the high fidelity mockup from scratch. This was the first time using Photoshop for a non-trivial task and I used the opportunity to learn a lot from it. The design however is intentionally simple. I aimed for a flat design without shadows and gradients.

I used icons from The Noun Project. In particular transfer icon by P.J. Onori, credit cards icon by Hugo Medeiros, payments icon by Ugur Akdemir, money icon by Nick Levesque, personal information icon by Andreas Bjurenborg, help icon from Marc Orro, logout icon by Brandon Manning