Tabletop Dayplanner

Dayplanner is an app for big multitouch tabletops in tourist information centers. It is designed to help tourists plan their day during a city trip. They can make a list of sights they want to see and create a route through the city.

The Tabletop Dayplanner was developed as a project for the tabletop interaction course during my master. It uses the Microsoft Surface SDK and runs on Microsoft PixelSense tables. The tables with the app are supposed to be placed in tourist information centers in a bigger city. Tourists that arrive can use the table to get inspiration on which places of interest they want to visit. The app will provide recommendations and information like opening hours. In the end the user can print a list of the chosen POIs together with an optimized route.

We focused on the interaction design part as the most important aspect in this project. In the end we could not implement the route generation because of time restrictions. The interactions however work and led to a near finished prototype.

The picture of the PixelSense table was taken from Vernon Chan on Flickr (CC BY 2.0) and our screenshot was added.