Bonifire - Social Network

Bonifire is a social network concept that offers creatives a platform to share their works and WIP items, receive feedback and earn a reputation.

For the course "Interaction Design for Social Media" I was supposed to design a social network for creatives. The focus was clearly on the concept design. The goal was to find mechanisms to motivate people to contribute and interact while preventing negative aspects like spamming and low content quality. The central concept is that users give and receive feedback for their creative work to get feedback and improve. The motivation to give feedback is supported by reciprocity mechanisms and the opportunity to build reputation.

So after working out a concept, wireframes were created to show how the interface would look like. An optional part of the assignment was to provide high fidelity mockups to present the look & feel.



I used icons from The Noun Project: Camera, Feather designed by Jon Testa, Video Camera designed by Maurizio Pedrazzoli, Pinsel designed by Björn Andersson, Musik designed by Madebyelvis, Laptop designed by Steve Stomp, Speech Bubble designed by Thomas Le Bas, Star designed by Andy Fuchs, Trash Can designed by Herbert Spencer, Edit designed by Hugo Garduño, Like designed by Shmidt Sergey and pictures from Flickr: @Doug88888, Bastian Sander, Elvin, Matthew Smith, Janet Ramsden, Geraldine and Tambako The Jaguar