Cucumbis Presentation App

Cucumbis lets users connect their phones to a browser on other devices to show and control a presentation in it. This allows to show presentations on other devices without the hassle of hooking up the presentation device to a screen or projector.

The project aimed to make connecting presentation devices easier. The Cucumbis system allows the user to display PDF presentations from an android device (presenter) on another device (renderer) and remotely flip through the slides. The renderer can be any device that has a browser, e.g. a laptop that is hooked up to a projector. This makes it possible to use a single laptop to display presentations while several presenters can provide and control the presentations from their phones.

To pair a presenter with a render, the Cucumbis website is opened on the render. This website contains a QR code that is scanned with the Cucumbis Android app on the presenter device. Afterwards a PDF presentation is selected in the app and will be displayed on the renderer. The page of the presentation can be changed with a swipe on the presenter device.

Design Process


Research Paper

A research paper has been written by the team about the results of the project. The paper was published and presented at the SIDeR conference 2014 in Stockholm.