Habit Tracker for WP8

The Habit Tracker app is a Windows Phone 8 app that helps the users to track and establish daily habits. It was part of my master thesis and was used to evaluate emotional design as a way to improve the user experience.

The Habit Tracker app lets users create daily habits like exercising or reading. If the habit was successfully pursued on that day, it will be checked off in the calendar. Consecutive days count as a chain and will motivate users to keep the habit going.

The topic of my thesis was the exploration of emotional design for mobile apps and finding guidelines on how to use emotional design to improve the user experience. A collection of positive emotions were collected and app aspects were designed specifically to evoke certain emotions in users.

The Habit Tracker app was developed to evaluate emotional designs. Therefore, a minimal valuable version and a version with several emotional design enhancements were developed and delivered to testers. Later, the test user were interviewed about the impact of the version differences on their usage and perception of the app.

Design Process

Project Takeaways