Ad campaign reports for tablets

Schibsted sells online advertising inventory on most of their online products and has sales departments that monitor the performance of advertising campaigns to make sure that goals are met and communicate campaign results. This app was developed as a proof of concept to test and show how professional users can benefit from live data on a mobile device.

I wrote a blog post for the Schibsted tech blog about this project and how we used it to learn. You can read it here: Experimental Apps For Internal Users

In Schibsted we were developing solutions for creating advertising campaign reports that showed key metrics like Click Trough Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC) and so on. The campaign reports needed time to be created and were usually created by another department at the end of campaigns.

The availability of up-to-date data was limited. Therefore we created this easy to use mobile application that could display live data and easily create customized data slices that present different views on the campaign.

Design Process

The concept was based on research and knowledge from another project for static campaign reports. Additionally the whole project was meant to be an experiment with limited amount of time and people on the team.

Project Takeaways