David Schneller

Interaction designer, prototyper and software developer

Hi, I am David, a developer and designer from Germany. Currently, I work for Schibsted in Stockholm, Sweden. I love programming and creating products that are enjoyable to use. Have a look at some of the projects I have been working on.


Discover News Monitoring

Web app for professional users in the news business to follow and cover international news.

Discover News Monitoring

Discover is part of the toolbox for newsrooms by Schibsted Products & Technology. It is used to monitor, read and publish news from several sources like news wires, public websites, mobile notifications and social media.

Ad campaign reports for tablets

A tablet app that shows the performance of online advertising campaigns

Ad campaign reports for tablets

Schibsted sells online advertising inventory on most of their online products and has sales departments that monitor the performance of advertising campaigns to make sure that goals are met and communicate campaign results. This app was developed as a proof of concept to test and show how professional users can benefit from live data on a mobile device.

Graphic design projects

Some personal projects I have done that are on the graphic / visual design side

Graphic design projects

These are some samples of the few times I work on graphic design projects. I don't have a lot of experience with it but I like pursue some personal projects like this every once in a while.

Habit Tracker for WP8

Windows Phone 8 app for tracking habits, developed as part of my thesis project

Habit Tracker for WP8

The Habit Tracker app is a Windows Phone 8 app that helps the users to track and establish daily habits. It was part of my master thesis and was used to evaluate emotional design as a way to improve the user experience.

Light Miners Game

Pervasive game prototype created for a design competition and research project

Light Miners Game

Light Miners is a pervasive game that is played with two teams. Team members use a smartphone app to locate game lanterns in the environment. When a player is close to a lantern, it can be conquered for the team. The lantern will then switch it's color to the team color. At the end of the round the team that had the most time of lanterns shining in their color wins.

Cucumbis Presentation App

Prototype application for pairing a phone with a presentation device (e.g. PC and projector)

Cucumbis Presentation App

Cucumbis lets users connect their phones to a browser on other devices to show and control a presentation in it. This allows to show presentations on other devices without the hassle of hooking up the presentation device to a screen or projector.

Beat the Wall Project

Installation for running events, made in interaction design project course

Beat the Wall Project

Beat The Wall is an interactive installation, designed as a side event for running competitions. The idea is to provide the wave as a virtual opponent that can be adjusted in speed.

Bonifire - Social Network

A social network design concept for creatives

Bonifire - Social Network

Bonifire is a social network concept that offers creatives a platform to share their works and WIP items, receive feedback and earn a reputation.

Tabletop Dayplanner

Multitouch tabletop app developed for tabletop interaction course

Tabletop Dayplanner

Dayplanner is an app for big multitouch tabletops in tourist information centers. It is designed to help tourists plan their day during a city trip. They can make a list of sights they want to see and create a route through the city.

Sekerbank Tablet App

Tablet banking app mockup for graphical interfaces course

Sekerbank Tablet App

This banking app was created for the graphical interfaces course of my master. Our group worked on the concept and wireframes together. Later everybody worked on a visual design individually.

RetroSpect Birdhouse

A birdhouse that helps you watch birds and keep memories

RetroSpect Birdhouse

The "RetroSpect" birdhouse is a system that combines a birdhouse for the garden with a cuckoo clock in the living room. The clock will notify the user about arriving birds and keep pictures of them. The chronological picture collection can be traversed by spinning the hand of the clock back or forward.

Cajón Stencil Graffiti

This is a stencil graffiti that I made

Cajón Stencil Graffiti

This is a stencil graphic I created in photoshop and then sprayed painted on that cajón.


Today - June 2015

Today - 6/2015

Schibsted Products & Technology

UX Designer / Prototyper

Stockholm, SE

After I got my master's degree in Interaction Design I started as a UX Designer in Schibsted. The department I work in is building tools and components that get used by other Schibsted companies which include big brands all over the world including Aftonbladet (SE), Blocket(SE), VG (NO), Leboncoin (FR), Subito (IT) and many more.

I worked in multiple inter-disciplinary teams with colleagues from the offices in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Barcelona and Krakow. My responsibilities include user interviews, wireframing, design workshops, prototyping, testing, communication with users and also reaching into product management.

During my first year in Schibsted I worked mainly with mobile and web applications that support the advertising departments of Schibsted. Later I switched to a team that is building tools for journalists and editors in the newsrooms of the Schibsted newspapers.

August 2012 - November 2009

8/2012 - 11/2009

University of Applied Sciences Aachen
mobile media & communications Lab

Software Developer

Aachen, DE

After graduating from my CS studies I started working at the mobile media and communication lab at my University. This department runs research and development projects for industrial clients or government-funded projects. I worked on projects as a Software Developer for a Windows Mobile application for care of the elderly, a Silverlight application for tool management and a board computer application for e-car sharing vehicles in WPF. In that time I worked a lot with Visual Studio and Expression Blend.

During the tool management project I was lead developer for three other team members and responsible for the communication with the client. Aside from that I also have been an advisor for two bachelor thesis projects and held two lectures.

August 2009 - August 2008

8/2009 - 8/2008

Siemens AG

Internship and Diploma Thesis

Cologne, DE

After finishing all courses of my computer science study I had an internship semester at Siemens in Cologne where I developed a 3D visualization of a warehouse using Microsoft XNA and C#. Afterwards I executed my thesis project about migrating warehouse administration software from C++ and MFC to C# and WPF and also developing an application to bridge legacy system components into the new system.

September 2008 - December 2007

9/2008 - 12/2007

Luna Park GmbH

Web Developer

Cologne, DE

Luna-Park is an internet agency specialized in SEO. During my studies I worked there part-time and developed web sites using HTML, CSS, PHP and some Ruby scripts.


November 2014 - September 2012

11/2014 - 9/2012

Interaction Design & Technologies

Master of Science

Göteborg, SE

I graduated the two-year master program in Interaction Design & Technologies at Chalmers University in Göteborg, Sweden. The program consists of courses that mostly teach user-centered design methods and design thinking as well as developing projects in groups, using different kind of technologies and materials. My chosen courses focus mostly on user interface design and some tangible interaction.

August 2009 - September 2005

8/2009 - 9/2005

Computer Science

Diplom-Informatiker (FH)

Aachen, DE

I studied Computer Science in Aachen and got a german Diplom degree which is acquired in a four-year program and rated higher than a Bachelor degree. During my studies I set my focus on Software Development and chose courses like Web Development, Industrial Software Development and Mobile Information Systems. After 6 semesters I did my internship semester and thesis project at Siemens in Cologne.


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